Wow, no kidding man, what better gift to give yourself after splitting up your band, if not a new head? This head happens to be my ultimate favorite Marshall, the only Marshall I wanted, a JCM-900 in beautiful shape which I got thanks to die kleine anzeigen and my friend Conna, who came over to the house special to help out & make sure I get a good deal.  (It was.  Trust me.)  I couldn’t be happier!!  Thanks, Conna!!  Why, I haven’t even been using my pedals, just plugging in and shredding…

(Mind you, I’m not done with my pedeals!!)

URGENT FURY accumulating likes on FACEBOOK is cool yet somehow weird considering the band is over but still COOL I encourage such things, it’s fine!  Nice feeling that people bring up me starting FURY again.  I LOVE playing FURY music, done it fer years and years and years, and maybe that’s why I kinda look at it a little skeptically and think, “yeah, maybe,” it’s always an easy way to get started with folks, but that’s mostly my problem with FURY, is that it means “getting started”.  And I can’t imagine starting all over again with it, at least not from scratch.  I love FURY, and that FURY will forever be associated with me, but I just want to chill with all the over-thinking about it.  I have a few friends who have approached me about doing FURY.  All I can say is, that’s neat, I really apprecaite it, and I’m sure willing to dive in and play and see, but better than doing FURY, let’s just get together and see what happens, what we can create together and what the hell we name it when we ourselves craft something of our own.  That’s more fun for me, to walk in and jam it up with people, instead of walking in with a pre-set idea or concept.  I’m sure some FURY will pop out somewhere. & I’m just trying to get out of the house more, see more shows…FU MANCHU, FLYING EYES, POTHEAD, BAMBI SLAUGHTER, RADIO MOSCOW, WAR WITH THE NEWTS, L7, POWDER FOR PIGEONS…feeding on guitar this month…

And I’m trying to play more & more regularly but I’m doing more writing now and hope to finish a book or two by summer…I’m thinking of adding an Abraham page here and maing this the main “place”…it’s just starting another website makes me blanch.  It really takes up so much time and I’m amazed that I’ve actually been here this long….toodaloo


& smile.  Nothing sad about a new beginning 😉


“HASTA FUEGO” Record Release Party


“Hasta Fuego”, our latest, is actually the third Urgent Fury album, once we count the 1992 10″, “Demos: 1984-86”. It encompasses the first two UF demo tapes we put out, May ’85 and November ’86 – ten songs, nine of which I redid in 2011 on “Let Freedom Sting.” It all happened because I got a request from Broken Rekids to re-release the original album, and I didn’t want to. I wanted to reclaim the songs, do them over in a way I could finally be happy with. In 2011, I recorded 23 tracks with the amazing Kaleen and Geena in New York, 13 of which comprise “Let Freedom Sting.” The other ten were lined up for the future second album. I mean, if it ever got to that. But then, forming a new Fury in Berlin enabled me to put out that first album. “Hasta Fuego” is the first album that includes Michael and Steiff.


“Hasta Fuego” encapsulates the last of the “old” Fury. It’s a joy to play these songs and even develop them further to make more out of them, but as the guy who started this band 32 years ago, I am more than happy to, in a way, put them behind me. What a relief that I don’t need to “do” them again, I mean record them over or start over with them. They are done. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. They are, like books I’ve written, tiny living beings that exist, that were born and that can now go off and make their own way in the world. That they exist is enough, and counts more than if they had ever remained just a thought in my head. To be able to take something and make it real…that’s what artists do, and artists that don’t keep doing that, stagnate. That goes for bands, too. Like sharks, you gotta keep moving, man, not standing still at some moment of time. You keep going. (Pete Townshend bitching about becoming a cabaret act.) Boredom is the enemy, passion your best friend. You have to want something to make it happen. I have wanted this band. And if the story had to end, at least I’m leaving a better, more representative body of work that truly captures what I wanted from a band called Urgent Fury to begin with.

So for me this album had an even deeper significance. It meant getting past something. It means opening new territory, and I’m more than ready for it.

The record release party was just that for us – a party, a great excuse to bring together two of our favorite bands, NITRO INJEKZIA and THE RAZORS to play & party with us.

NITRO INJEKZIA opened the show, after I went onstage and asked a few quiz questions so a few people won free t-shirts, and there was that 20 euro gift certificate for VOPO RECORDS, a cool record store that, by the way, has our records for sale!  NITRO INJEKZIA are a storm of power and melody.  They mix it up real good and revved the crowd up and kept them there!! Awesome band!! A thrill to see them!!

THE RAZORS are true living legends for us!! They were like a slow tease, starting slow and then ferociously cranking out sheer power!! Their version of Bowie’s “Heroes” is always a highlight, but my favotite moment is when they play that song…”You never listen to anyone/because you’re young!”  The crowd loved them!!

We brought up the rear, so to speak, closing the show.  How neat that people not only stayed until the end, but gave us a heartful welcome and made the party really happen!!

Thanks to everyone that came and partied with us!!

abraham r

3rd June – Berlin, Clash Große Record Release Party mit Special Guests Razors and Nitro Injekzia

Die Party stieg ab 22:00 Uhr. Eintritt: 10€. Jeder zahlende Gast bekam ein Gratis-Exemplar unserer neuen LP/CD.

Nitro Injekzia eröffneten fulminant, die Razors heizten noch zusätzlich ein, so dass wir den Abend schließlich mit unserem Record Release Set stimmungsvoll ausklingen lassen konnten…
Außerdem gab’s noch was zu gewinnen bei unserem Punk Rock Quiz! Und DJ Terry gab Alles und allen den Rest! Bilder folgen in Bälde…

Mit Shoshin im Monarch

Am 28. Mai eröffneten wir die Show im Monarch Club.

Urgent Fury play The Monarch Bar

Danach rockten Shoshin das Haus. Danke an das Power-Trio aus Manchester für die Einladung!

Shoshin rockin’ The Monarch Bar in Kreuzberg


Wow, here we are, April already, the year’s going fast, and we’re picking up some nice momentum.  Our gig last Friday with KRASH KARMA & SCARRED RUNNING STONES was super, a cool show loaded with cool people.

Our second album, “HASTA FUEGO”, is ready! It is the first album featuring us3.  The first album was recorded in New York with Geena and Kaleen, we even recorded a second album, but when Steiff came onboard on bass we decided this should be our first album toegther, and set out to re-record many of the tracks.  (We also added new ones.)  How cool!! After all this time, URGENT FURY is rolling past its plethora of old songs, as beloved as they are, and onto NEW STUFF!!  “Cut To Close-Up”, “S.O.L.”, “Madison Rock”, “LIne Of Sight”, “Prisoner Of The Modern Wordl”, “Wage Slave” and “Idiots In Charge” are all classic FURY songs that some of you might remember the old FURY playing Live at CBGB’s or TIN PAN ALLEY.  (In fact some live performance from WFMU in 1991.)

The new versions are night and day different and  finally capture the songs in a way that I’m completely happy with.  The newer songs, like “Time Bomb”, “Powermove” or “TBA” capture the new FURY and are a clear indicator of sounds to come.  Rodrigo Gonzalez was great to work with, able to grasp an idea and make more out of it.  Our set list these days features a good mix of songs from both albums, as well as a sprinkle of new songs like “State Of Alarm,” “Hang,” and “Cage,” and “Drone,” which didn’t make the album this time but has a prime spot in the next one.

Our old banner is being replaced by a new one, a flaming fist!!  Here it is, freshly hung in our studio in Lichtenberg.

We’re also pressing a new version of the old GRATIS E.P. The old one had a homemade version of “Drone”, along with “Funeral Pyre” and “Idiots In Charge”, different versions from the new album (these were recorded in New York with Kaleen and Geena), and the long version of “Two Step.”  Comically enough, the short version appears on the first album, mostly because John Meredith(Producer) felt it was better not to mix up the first and second sessions.  I just plumb forgot to switch them when we made the album…but since people have been asking for the ‘long version’, we’ll press some more free copies and I may see about adding some songs from the ‘Petros Sessions’, some of which appear on our current REVERBNATION.  So all the songs here will be unavailable anywhere else.  This will be for a limited time, so when you come see us live, frag nach! Make sure and bring it up!  A couple live songs from WILD AT HEART might not hurt, either!!

In the meantime, super thanks to all the people that came to the show and are looking us up! We hope to see ya’ll very soon!!


Confirmed: Razors und Nitro Injekzia spielen auf unserer Record Release Party

Unsere Record Release Party am Samstag, den 03. Juni 2017 im Clash nimmt Gestalt an: Die legendären Razors aus Hamburg haben nun zugesagt, und auch das Power-Trio Nitro Injekzia wird mit von der Partie sein. Und wir werden natürlich auch ein Set spielen, mit einigen Knallern unseres neuen Albums „­¡Hasta Fuego!“, das von Rodrigo Gonzales genial produziert wurde. Und so sieht’s aus:

Was, schon wieder fast März?

Nun sind wir aber wirklich angekommen im neuen Jahr und freuen uns auf ‘ne Reihe von Gigs. Los geht’s am 12. März zum traditionellen Nachmittagskonzert im Goldenen Hahn in Kreuzberg. Kommt vorbei, Eintritt ist frei und wir geben ein Doppelset zum Besten!

Wer am Karfreitag noch nach Krach sucht, sollte in die Jägerklause kommen, da spielen wir nämlich zusammen mit Krash Karma und Scarred Running Stones.

Und ganz besonders freuen wir uns jetzt schon auf unsere Record Release Party im Clash, bei der wir unser neues Album “Hasta Fuego” vorstellen, das Rodrigo Gonzales famos produziert hat. Mit von der Party sind die unglaublichen Nitro Injekzia und außerdem sind wir noch an einer weiteren Punk-Band-Legende als Special Guests dran…

Also, man sieht sich…

Die Furies

Rock am Hafen 2016 Hennigsdorf

Wir hatten großen Spaß, beim “Rock am Hafen”-Festival zu spielen. Vielen Dank der Musikinitiative Hennigsdorf und allen, die dieses geile Event auf die Füße gestellt haben.


Die Stage-Techs am Fachsimpeln…

2016_rockamhafen3 2016_rockamhafen4 2016_rockamhafen2
Die Guys von “Crawling Noise” legten mit ihrem kernigen Rock trotz Wolkenbruch ‘ne geile Show hin…

Die Jungs von “Venterra” präsentierten deutschen Punk-/Poprock und brachten ihr eigenes Following aus Berlin mit. Zur Krönung ihrer Show ließen sie eine Konfetti-Bombe aufs begeisterte Publikum regnen.

Urgent Fury-“Steiff” meets “Venterra”

2016_rockamhafen9 2016_rockamhafen6 2016_rockamhafen8
Als Headliner ließen die Lokalmatadoren von “Homerun” das Hardcore-Gewitter krachen

Abri dug it, too…



Recording and mixing the new album

Die Produktion unseres neuen Albums läuft gerade auf Hochtouren. Hier seht ihr ein paar Fotos von den Recording-Sessions im Berliner Music Flash Studio von Juni.

Unser Produzent Rod mischt gerade die 12 Songs und verleiht ihnen den perfekten Punkrock-Schliff.

Danach geht’s ab zum Mastern und erscheinen soll das gute Stück dann im Frühsommer 2017…