Wow, no kidding man, what better gift to give yourself after splitting up your band, if not a new head? This head happens to be my ultimate favorite Marshall, the only Marshall I wanted, a JCM-900 in beautiful shape which I got thanks to die kleine anzeigen and my friend Conna, who came over to the house special to help out & make sure I get a good deal.  (It was.  Trust me.)  I couldn’t be happier!!  Thanks, Conna!!  Why, I haven’t even been using my pedals, just plugging in and shredding…

(Mind you, I’m not done with my pedeals!!)

URGENT FURY accumulating likes on FACEBOOK is cool yet somehow weird considering the band is over but still COOL I encourage such things, it’s fine!  Nice feeling that people bring up me starting FURY again.  I LOVE playing FURY music, done it fer years and years and years, and maybe that’s why I kinda look at it a little skeptically and think, “yeah, maybe,” it’s always an easy way to get started with folks, but that’s mostly my problem with FURY, is that it means “getting started”.  And I can’t imagine starting all over again with it, at least not from scratch.  I love FURY, and that FURY will forever be associated with me, but I just want to chill with all the over-thinking about it.  I have a few friends who have approached me about doing FURY.  All I can say is, that’s neat, I really apprecaite it, and I’m sure willing to dive in and play and see, but better than doing FURY, let’s just get together and see what happens, what we can create together and what the hell we name it when we ourselves craft something of our own.  That’s more fun for me, to walk in and jam it up with people, instead of walking in with a pre-set idea or concept.  I’m sure some FURY will pop out somewhere. & I’m just trying to get out of the house more, see more shows…FU MANCHU, FLYING EYES, POTHEAD, BAMBI SLAUGHTER, RADIO MOSCOW, WAR WITH THE NEWTS, L7, POWDER FOR PIGEONS…feeding on guitar this month…

And I’m trying to play more & more regularly but I’m doing more writing now and hope to finish a book or two by summer…I’m thinking of adding an Abraham page here and maing this the main “place”…it’s just starting another website makes me blanch.  It really takes up so much time and I’m amazed that I’ve actually been here this long….toodaloo


& smile.  Nothing sad about a new beginning 😉

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