“HASTA FUEGO” Record Release Party


“Hasta Fuego”, our latest, is actually the third Urgent Fury album, once we count the 1992 10″, “Demos: 1984-86”. It encompasses the first two UF demo tapes we put out, May ’85 and November ’86 – ten songs, nine of which I redid in 2011 on “Let Freedom Sting.” It all happened because I got a request from Broken Rekids to re-release the original album, and I didn’t want to. I wanted to reclaim the songs, do them over in a way I could finally be happy with. In 2011, I recorded 23 tracks with the amazing Kaleen and Geena in New York, 13 of which comprise “Let Freedom Sting.” The other ten were lined up for the future second album. I mean, if it ever got to that. But then, forming a new Fury in Berlin enabled me to put out that first album. “Hasta Fuego” is the first album that includes Michael and Steiff.


“Hasta Fuego” encapsulates the last of the “old” Fury. It’s a joy to play these songs and even develop them further to make more out of them, but as the guy who started this band 32 years ago, I am more than happy to, in a way, put them behind me. What a relief that I don’t need to “do” them again, I mean record them over or start over with them. They are done. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. They are, like books I’ve written, tiny living beings that exist, that were born and that can now go off and make their own way in the world. That they exist is enough, and counts more than if they had ever remained just a thought in my head. To be able to take something and make it real…that’s what artists do, and artists that don’t keep doing that, stagnate. That goes for bands, too. Like sharks, you gotta keep moving, man, not standing still at some moment of time. You keep going. (Pete Townshend bitching about becoming a cabaret act.) Boredom is the enemy, passion your best friend. You have to want something to make it happen. I have wanted this band. And if the story had to end, at least I’m leaving a better, more representative body of work that truly captures what I wanted from a band called Urgent Fury to begin with.

So for me this album had an even deeper significance. It meant getting past something. It means opening new territory, and I’m more than ready for it.

The record release party was just that for us – a party, a great excuse to bring together two of our favorite bands, NITRO INJEKZIA and THE RAZORS to play & party with us.

NITRO INJEKZIA opened the show, after I went onstage and asked a few quiz questions so a few people won free t-shirts, and there was that 20 euro gift certificate for VOPO RECORDS, a cool record store that, by the way, has our records for sale!  NITRO INJEKZIA are a storm of power and melody.  They mix it up real good and revved the crowd up and kept them there!! Awesome band!! A thrill to see them!!

THE RAZORS are true living legends for us!! They were like a slow tease, starting slow and then ferociously cranking out sheer power!! Their version of Bowie’s “Heroes” is always a highlight, but my favotite moment is when they play that song…”You never listen to anyone/because you’re young!”  The crowd loved them!!

We brought up the rear, so to speak, closing the show.  How neat that people not only stayed until the end, but gave us a heartful welcome and made the party really happen!!

Thanks to everyone that came and partied with us!!

abraham r

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