Monthly Archive: April, 2017


Wow, here we are, April already, the year’s going fast, and we’re picking up some nice momentum.  Our gig last Friday with KRASH KARMA & SCARRED RUNNING STONES was super, a cool show loaded with cool people.

Our second album, “HASTA FUEGO”, is ready! It is the first album featuring us3.  The first album was recorded in New York with Geena and Kaleen, we even recorded a second album, but when Steiff came onboard on bass we decided this should be our first album toegther, and set out to re-record many of the tracks.  (We also added new ones.)  How cool!! After all this time, URGENT FURY is rolling past its plethora of old songs, as beloved as they are, and onto NEW STUFF!!  “Cut To Close-Up”, “S.O.L.”, “Madison Rock”, “LIne Of Sight”, “Prisoner Of The Modern Wordl”, “Wage Slave” and “Idiots In Charge” are all classic FURY songs that some of you might remember the old FURY playing Live at CBGB’s or TIN PAN ALLEY.  (In fact some live performance from WFMU in 1991.)

The new versions are night and day different and  finally capture the songs in a way that I’m completely happy with.  The newer songs, like “Time Bomb”, “Powermove” or “TBA” capture the new FURY and are a clear indicator of sounds to come.  Rodrigo Gonzalez was great to work with, able to grasp an idea and make more out of it.  Our set list these days features a good mix of songs from both albums, as well as a sprinkle of new songs like “State Of Alarm,” “Hang,” and “Cage,” and “Drone,” which didn’t make the album this time but has a prime spot in the next one.

Our old banner is being replaced by a new one, a flaming fist!!  Here it is, freshly hung in our studio in Lichtenberg.

We’re also pressing a new version of the old GRATIS E.P. The old one had a homemade version of “Drone”, along with “Funeral Pyre” and “Idiots In Charge”, different versions from the new album (these were recorded in New York with Kaleen and Geena), and the long version of “Two Step.”  Comically enough, the short version appears on the first album, mostly because John Meredith(Producer) felt it was better not to mix up the first and second sessions.  I just plumb forgot to switch them when we made the album…but since people have been asking for the ‘long version’, we’ll press some more free copies and I may see about adding some songs from the ‘Petros Sessions’, some of which appear on our current REVERBNATION.  So all the songs here will be unavailable anywhere else.  This will be for a limited time, so when you come see us live, frag nach! Make sure and bring it up!  A couple live songs from WILD AT HEART might not hurt, either!!

In the meantime, super thanks to all the people that came to the show and are looking us up! We hope to see ya’ll very soon!!