Monthly Archive: June, 2016

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Abraham here speaking with his voice!
WAH WAH WAH, no that stands for WILD AT HEART where we just played a cool gig with KOTTER!! No kidding, things have been hopping and tho we feel like we’re just getting started…we talk about playing 100 gigs a year (but it’s more like 2 or 3 a month)…imagine playing that much, touring through Europe, mneeting even more cool bands & putting on shows…It’s happening…already…

But wait lemme nah get ahead of meself—this June is hot as heck and we’ll be heading back to Henningsdorf to do some recording & work on the 2nd album.
2nd ALBUM!!?? Yeah, I know, we just put out the first one, but UF has a backlog of precious old gems we’re currently stomping our way through…and past!! & I did in fact record a second album in NY with K &G back in 2011, but we’ve decided to re-record those songs rather than put out another record where Misha & Steiff don’t appear in!! Besides which, we’re doing most of those songs LIVE already, stuff like “Funeral Pyre”, “Cut To Close-Up”, “Line Of Sight”, of course— and I’m just loving how we do them. Deshalb new recording sessions!! Dude—lots of UF songs to catch up to, but we’re really cranking up the new stuff. That third album will no longer contain songs from the original UF canon. It’ll be US!! & new stuff and the vibe we create together!! Well Hallelujah for that!!

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Uploading new photos Ă¼berall, THANK YOU THANK YOU Renee!!! He is a class act photographer and we’re lucky to have him. He shot us at the PUNK & DISORDERLY festival…speaking of which…the new PUNK & DISORDERLY video!! It’s us doing ‘AMERICA HAS BEEN SWALLOWED’ but taped by two awesome ladies who call themselves MACABRE PARIAH (…I didn’t get to meet them tho I caught sight of one of them filming me – I believe I saw beautiful black dreads – A special thanks to them from me because they do awesome work and make us look…well…terrific. Thanks, ladies. We hope to work with you again soon! & some more vids will follow. I’ve been actually cutting down on the vids…lots of stuff from NY and 2014 here in Berlin, but honestly, we’d like to stick with just a small amount of vids. So I’ve yanked a lot of them. The P&D stuff is the first time we’ve gotten video of Steiff with us!!

Well the album is out and we couldn’t be happier with it. It doesn’t have Misha & Steiff on there = I recorded it in NY in 2011 with two very talented young ladies, Geena & Kaleen, which is why us recording this second album is important to us in terms of really representing how we sound. Of course we’re playing the fuck out of those songs but you can say, we’re moving on from the core material, Urgent Fury’s beginnings, and into totally new turf. With songs like “Time Bomb”, “Drone” and “Powermove” for starters, we step into the future straight out of the past. Feels good to grow past ‘past’. Come join us for the ride.

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