Monthly Archive: March, 2015

January & February Update

A busy January.
1. First we get to do a party for VOKUHILA, a hair salon celebrating 15 years of cutting heads. We’ll be the opening “rausschmeisser” which will kick off events leading to a presentation at the Rote Salon. We thought cool, why not, a good little practice for an upcoming gig at WILD AT HEART! At VOKUHILA it meant packing Michael’s drums and my amp cabinet in a small space. Used a small cube and 30-watt bass amp and that filled the place quite nicely. A lively crowd. It was Michael who thought up getting Vokuhila wigs! Then I had to jump in and dress up a bit! And it was fun to step in and out of roles and fuck with that a little. Everybody had fun, and we got some cool footage!

2. Then came WILD AT HEART, a gig we were all looking forward to. A long soundcheck, as one mix is for upstairs and one is for the recording studio downstairs, as Ulli The Headman records us live. (WILD AT HEART has a well-equipped studio down there.) I don’t know why I didn’t see it, it was Michael and Ulli The Headman disappearing all night to do voodoo. With me it’s guitar sound and I spend all my time before a gig thinking about how I’ll get my sound over. To get the feedback I want, the bubbling-cauldron sustain, the thick cables I can bite with my teeth and feel them soaring through the air all around me!!! Yet every club is different, every sound engineer has a different approach and quite a number of them dread NOISE! Something DISTORTED and SCREECHING and beginning to SCREEEEEM!

WILD AT HEART was a great gig! Not only was there a nice supportive crowd of people there that stayed during our short set of 16 SONGS, but there was also the lovely friends from the US sending love on the event page, one friend in particular, David Koenig, even making us a great flyer!!

I loved playing at WILD AT HEART. The stage itself feels warm and homey, the stage lights lining the rim of the stage and all that sweet flashing…I think this video I put together maybe captures a little of how it felt for me…

At the end of January, we played THE SCHOKOLADEN with our friends, THE DĂ–RTBIRDS. It was the perfect closer to an active month.

After such a busy January, February crawls. We’ve been busy listening to the mixes from the live Wild At Heart. Ulli’s gone in a few times and cranked some dials and now we’re listening to this latest one…could be the last one before we start the mastering. We have 16 songs recorded and are picking through the best versions, especially concentrating on the newer songs!

At the end of the month, we recorded with Petros at his MOVING SOUNDS studio here in Berlin. We were talking about a single, and then an EP or a new 10″, something to have at shows and we’re still spinning that one around but the crucial thing is, we’re recording NEW songs: “Time Bomb”, “TBA”, “Drone”, “Crewcut Land”, and “Powermove”. We can decide what to use how later, but it’s great to start building a solid bank of songs that will inevitably end up on an album! That’s the best feeling of all, to know that the songs are piling up nicely. But some things we have to get to. We’ve been so busy concentrating on making the music that we haven’t yet completely covered the other part: getting the music out to labels. We figure we should give that a good try before we put it out ourselves on Michael’s own record label.

The suckiest news about this month is that Markus is leaving the band. The pace is getting too crazy for him. His health hasn’t been too good and last month’s frantic pace was enough for him. He wants to keep working with the band and has offered us bass backup should we get a gig before we find a new bassist, but it clearly brings us back to the drawing board, of sorts.
Markus DID come in to record with us, and we’re sure he’ll be there to fill in any gaps.
Markus DID come in to record with us, and we’re sure he’ll be there to fill in any gaps.

Petros Sofocli is our man.
It was great to record
with him. We spent a
whole day together in
the spacious MOVING
SOUNDS studio. Gotta
definitely spread the word
about him, as we plan to
work with him more.
Thanks to Olly and
FLESHBUG for bringing
us together. Petros is gone on tour for a few weeks, but when he gets back we can work on mixing the five songs we recorded. Between that, and mixing the Wild At Heart live stuff, we have a lot of work to do.

This month we make an appearance in the new issue of PLASTIC BOMB (#90), with a song on the gratis CD “Walking Mace”…PLASTIC BOMB is a Berlin hardcore punk fanzine, with emphasis on hardcore…

We want to thank everybody that’s been giving us support, encouragement, and just plain love. We love yall right back.