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Abraham with "Baby Blue", ANKERFEST 20.09.14

Abraham with “Baby Blue”, ANKERFEST 20.09.14

Abraham here.

Playing out is a blast! When you start out playing with your band, it’s all baby steps…so much to learn and you concentrate in the rehearsal studio all your energies to making the music come together, until you just have to go out and spread that shit, play that music to people, and the morew you do it the better you get at it and at handling all that other stuff—equipment, getting it to the gig, all the logistical stuff.  To be a bit professional about your job, about what you do when you get on stage.

And maan, but we’re learning our shit! Since April we’ve played 5 gigs.  Would’ve been 6, as we were slated to play in Strausberg at the Jugendzentrum ‘Horte’ on the 9th of August, but my mother passed away that week and I had to fly to New York. The feeling I have a month later…it’s like it just happened last week…some disorientation and slow motion feel to things.  Getting right back to the band was the best therapy.

Urgent Fury at 'Tommyhaus', 30.08.14

Urgent Fury at ‘Tommyhaus’, 30.08.14

Playing with Markus and Michael is great, and we’re  learning.  New songs.  About putting together an effective set list and playing tighter and perfecting our  monitoring.  Recording ourselves live & every step of the way so we can hear how we really sound.  What works and what doesn’t.  Baby steps.   And our home recordings are getting better, as we discover how best to capture our sound.

Markus, 'Tommyhaus", 30.08.14

Markus, ‘Tommyhaus”, 30.08.14

People getting to know us.

Michael and Abraham, 'Tommy Haus', 30.08.14

Michael and Abraham, ‘Tommy Haus’, 30.08.14