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A band steps from dream to reality when it gets on a stage.  Fuck around all you want in the studio, but when you get on stage, you get down.  Then it becomes the sum of everything—the music, the presentation, how you put yourself across.  It feels great to finally get out of the studio and bring the music OUTWARDS!!

The Drum Cover

The Drum Cover

(Michael and Markus had designed an URGENT FURY kick drum cover which was adhesive but which fell off during the show.  Afterwards we found it had been taken by someone! Which we think is really cool…we can imagine it up on somebody’s wall…)

Our gig on April 26th @ABSTAND was great! ENTRAILS OUT provided a stomping blast of thrash power! SNARG was the most interesting blend of hardcore, synth, dessicated pop bits getting mashed by blasts of hardcore and emotion—it was great to play with them!

band_gig2014 043

"In synch"

“In synch”

band_gig2014 036

Abraham Rodriguez

Michael Richter

Michael Richter

Markus Magenbitter

Markus Magenbitter

band_gig2014 037

Our part of it went really well, even though we went on late…it was so laid back at the ABSTAND, what can we say! The people were super-nice, and they even had cool food! We played 17 songs!! I don’t know if we’ll always do that…but everything went smooth, including getting the equipment there and setting up and all that technical stuff.  What we do want to do is find a better, independent way to monitor ourselves a little better, since one never knows when one plays a club what kind of PA you’ll get.  I couldn’t be more happy with my new amp! It rocked, ROCKS, the guitarist from ENTRAILS OUT even used it for his moment of blast.

Scan 42

After the show we ran around the crowd, giving out copies of the GRATIS-EP and the RECLAIM EP and just talking people up.  Everyone was sweet, cool & righteous!!

Thanks to Everyone at ABSTAND and all the bands for making this a really great show!! Video coming soon!!