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Monday, Apr 21 @ 7:04 AM

YEEEAAH people, we have our first gig coming up on April 26th at ABSTAND BERLIN (check out the flyer in our photos section)—with ENTRAILS OUT (fun grindcore!) and SNARG (synthie HC-punk from Hannover)!! We’re psyched to play with them and get the chance to establish this NEW FURY in Berlin—woohah, could be the start of something.

It’s a series of firsts for me—the first time in my new hometown, the first time with my new HARTKE amplifier…no combo this, but a freaking 4×12 cabinet that insures we always have the power for every situation…it sounds awesome and I can’t wait to debut that crunchy screechy SCREAMY abraham sound!!

We’ve also done some recording in Michael’s home studio. Right now it’s important to establish the BERLIN CREW of FURY, as the recordings we have and will be putting out feature the NY CREW (lovely Geena & Kaleen)…this is why it’s important for us to make our own recordings and especially present our new songs…and there are a TON of them! URGENT FURY is no retro band. We are blessed with a 20-year repetoire of music and that’s cool, we breathe new life into them, but we’re not dependant on them. We’re writing new songs and have peppered our set with them because URGENT FURY…is a NEW band, a new experience, and here in Berlin, I have the chance, for the first time, to take UF to the next level, to grow it beyond the past and into a new future…and with new songs like “Drone”, “T.B.A.”, “Powermove”, and “Time Bomb”, we’re going to prove that URGENT FURY is a band definitely NOT living in the past…right now we’re completing an EP which we will have for the gig—featuring “Drone”.  We’ll post that shit for ya when it’s ready just in case you can’t make it to the show, HA!

So come and see us! Write us! Like us on Facebook! (oh brother) visit us here and play our music!! and look for us as we’ll be looking for you…

leeba groosa



APRIL 2014: This year’s just getting started and already it feels like so much has happened, and so much is coming up, including our very first gig! (See LIVE section.) Meeting CHARLIE HARPER is definitely a big highlight, as UK SUBS have been a big inspiration for a long time, and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t met Michael. Meeting Michael is the best thing that’s happened to me since meeting Markus. Michael definitely was what URGENT FURY was waiting for, the last vital component to make it a reality. And how I met him is a good illustration of how things happen sometimes.

I had been trying to find people to do FURY since 2012, and was pretty burned out from the experience. I mean it felt like I was one of those guys hitting singles bars! In clubs, at shows, through friends, I was meeting quite a number of people and all of them were WRONG. I wasted time with quite a number of people that in the end would never have been right. But what do you know? You’re in search mode. In the end it was fruitless, and I was pretty much on the verge of giving up on it.  I was getting a little exasperated.

It was actually my wife that ‘found’ Michael.

She was just wrapping up a job—she works in film production—and was packing away a mass of egg crates which they were throwing out and which she figured would make good soundproofing for a home studio—love that girl!—when she runs into someone that was also working the project. She didn’t know her that well but they had exchanged pleasantries. Now this girl sees her with the egg crates and out of curiousity asked her what she was doing with them.

“Oh, my husband’s a musician and I figure he might be able to use this stuff for soundproofing,” my wife said.

“That’s funny,” the girl said. “My guy’s a musician too.”

Ha ha.  “What kind of music does he play?”

The girl hesitated a little.

“Hardcore,” she said. “Hard stuff.”

Little did she know that’s exactly the kinda shit we were into!! In no time my wife got me the contact…and the rest is history?